Arthritis Pain Relief and Supplements: What You Need to Know

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Arthritis Pain Relief

Do you suffer from arthritis or know someone who does?  For arthritis sufferers, pain becomes a fixture in their life.  Over-the-counter medications do provide relief, but it short lived.  As soon as the medication wears off, the pain returns.  There is hope though.  For many, that hope comes in the form of natural and dietary supplements.  Just a sample of the arthritis pain relief supplements that can provide relieve include devil’s claw, ginger, stinging nettle, flax, and ASU.

Arthritis Pain Relief With Herbal Remedies

You now know that some herbal and dietary supplements can provide arthritis relief.  Your first thought may be to run to the drug store.  Wait!  Before you make your purchase, there a number of things you should know about these supplements.

Some herbal, dietary, and natural supplements counteract with over-the-counter and prescribed medications.  For that reason, medical advice is strongly advised.  Talk to a medical professional.  This should be a primary care physician or at least a pharmacist.  The goal of supplements is to relieve arthritis pain and discomfort, not create other complications.  If you are worried about discouragement, don’t ask if a supplement will work.  Instead, ask if it is safe to take with your medications.

The Bad News, No Cure for Arthritis

Remember there is no cure.  You can treat arthritis, but it cannot be cured.  For that reason, stay away from any supplements with that claim arthritis claim.  You will waste your money.  These supplements can reduce the pain, inflammations, sleep difficulties, and decreased mobility associated with arthritis, but that is it.  Plenty of products outright state this; do not opt for one that that lies.

Do Not Stop Taking Prescribed Medications for Herbal Remedies

These herbal supplements are not worth putting your health at risk.  As previously stated, some supplements counteract with over-the-counter and prescribed medication.  If you are in severe pain, you may be willing to make the switch.  You may stop taking your diabetes medication to take devil’s claw, and so forth.  This is not recommended.  Never stop taking prescribed medication.  Once again, speak to a healthcare professional.  Many supplements provide relief and are safe to take.  Your doctor can advise you on which supplements are best.

A World of Information Online About Arthritic Pain Relief

A world of information is available online.  Almost fifty herbal, natural, and dietary supplements can aid in arthritis relief.  Some treat joint inflammation and swelling, while others treat sleep difficultly, decreased mobility, cartilage damage, and pain.  Which is right for you?  An online internet search will tell.  Read reviews to see what people have to say.  Look for both positive and negative reviews.  It is rare for a product to receive rave reviews, but be cautious of telltale signs, such as “scam,” “waste of money,” or “too many side effects.”  And by all means, don’t forget about Health & Wellness in One Place.

Arthritis Pain Relief Supplements Side Effects

Speaking of the side effects, know what they are.  Then, make an informed decision.  Arthritis sufferers should examine the risk to determine if they are worth it.  For example, cat’s claw is a supplement used to reduce inflammation.  Possible side effects include headaches, vomiting, and dizziness.  If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, the dizziness may be too much to handle.  Look for an arthritis-helping supplement that has little to no side effects.

You can and should find the best deals.  In terms of supplements, the best deal isn’t always the lowest price.  Aim for the best quality for the lowest price.  This is where the above mentioned research comes in handy.  Look for specific brand names with positive feedback.  When buying online, compare the size with price and include the cost of shipping.  Amazon is a good place to find bargains.

You must follow all directions.  Herbal supplements are typically safe to use, when taken as directed.  Different brands use similar extracts, but those amounts vary.  Consult with your primary care physician or the bottle to get an exact dosage.  Despite the common belief, more will do no good.  In fact, it may cause complications.

Finally, if you take herbal supplements on a daily basis, write down and tape to your refrigerator.  Also, inform those close to you.  In the event you need medical care and cannot speak for yourself, responding personnel must know all medications you are taking, including supplements.

Arthritis Pain Relief and Supplements